jQuery 1.5.1 Offline Learning Kit

24 February 2012

Hey guys. Quick post for you today. So by now, chances are you’ve had an opportunity to play around with jQuery 1.5 (and 1.5.1) and you may have even checked out some of the great new Deferred features that that release came with. Today I wanted to share an offline learning pack for anyone interested in tweaking their jQuery skills offline.

  • Selectors Printable that explains what each selector does and how it should be used (PDF)
  • Woork jQuery 1.5 Printable Cheatsheet showing all the different methods supported by 1.5 (PDF)
  • The jQAPI 1.5 Offline Documentation pack that lets you browse the documentation and API examples on your desktop
  • jQuery 1.5 VSDocs for Visual Studio users
  • Rebecca Murphy’s excellent jQuery Fundamentals book and exercises (pack)
  • jQuery 1.5.1 Offline API Browser extension for Google Chrome
  • jQuery.sub and jQuery Deferreds Examples
  • Current 1.5.1 Release

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